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About uS

Who are we?

We are a network for Japanese nationals who have studied in Sweden, and non-Japanese nationals who have studied in Sweden and currently reside in Japan. SWAN Japan was established in 2017 in close cooperation with the Embassy of Sweden and the Swedish Institute . Most of are members are Japanese nationals, but non-Japanese nationals who currently reside in Japan are also welcome to join our network. As of February 2020, we have over 600 members, and hope to grow more in the years to come. We are a Swedish Institute certified organization, which enables us to join SIs global network of alumni associations and their annual conferences, where alumni networks across the globe come together to share experiences and discuss improvements.


Our aim is to create a broad network of Swedish Alumni in Japan through which we hope that our members can maintain a close link to Sweden. In short, we hope that SWAN Japan will provide its members with opportunities to nourish their Sweden connection and create a network of people who share the same background.

What do we do?

SWAN Japan's activities include seminars, workshops and networking activities. Our board is elected bi-annually at our Annual General Meeting that is open to all members. While the board is handling the operational tasks, we encourage all our members to come to us with ideas! Anyone can create an event, so please do contact the board with any ideas you may have.

Who can join?

To join the network you need to either be a Japanese national who has studied in Sweden (can live anywhere in the world) or a non-Japanese national who resides in Japan. Membership with us is free. Please see more details in our membership page where you can also register. 

We hope to be able to grow together with you and establish our position as an inclusive, free and active Alumni Network.

As of 2 April 2022

The Board

Our new board was elected on 13 January 2022 at our Annual General Meeting. 

Yohei Iida (Chairperson)

Eleanor Sezer (Vice Chairperson)

Yoko Hasumi (Secretary and Treasurer)

Miho Nordström (Website Manager)

Ayaka Ishikawa (Project Manager)

Miwa Kurosaka (Project Manager)

Emiko Yoshida (Project Manager)

Wakana Nakamura (Project Manager)

Mika Nitz Pettersson (Social Media Manager / Project Manager) 

Hayato Masuo (Social Media Manager)

Subaru Hiranuma (Assistance of Vice Chairperson)

Hinako Meguro (Assistance of Secretary and Treasurer)

Chairperson: Elanor Sezer
Vice Chairperson: Yoko Hausmi
Secretary and Treasurer: Takuya Nakagawa
Social Media Manager: Ayaka Ishikawa
Website Manager: Miho Nordström
Public Liaison Managers: Hanna Brasar, Tatsuhei Morozumi
Project Managers: Mika Nitz Petterson, Miwa Kurosaka

Kansai Chapter

Kanako Ikeyama (Chairperson)
Miwa Kurosawa (Vice Chairperson)
Kenta Kurosaka (Cashier) 

Yuki Wakimura

Mami Yamasaki

Taisho Hirata

Hiroko Komamiya

Kota Ishiyama


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